Humans have walked with fear since the dawn of our time, originally we only experienced FEAR when we were in danger of being hurt or in a life threatening situation. Fear is a high stress state which we need to recover from in order to stabilize our emotions and regain our well being. However in todays social systems that we live in, which are high pace, high stress and highly complicated, day in day out, building into a life time of almost permanent anxiety and confusion. Of which we never find time to recover or heal our emotional wounds. We find ourselves in a continuous subconscious state of uncertainty and discomfort, living our lives in this way makes Humans poorly. Mentally, physically and emotionally.

If we lay down our fears we give our souls time to recover from this detrimental state which we have slowly evolved into. We must take time to take care of how we feel.

Being TRUE to ourselves..

IMG_0408During our life journeys we can often find ourselves lost in our daily routines we have to perform in order to have a reasonably comfortable existence during our lives on this beautiful Earth. So being busy navigating our way through our complex and demanding lives we can easily become alienated from our true selves. We have no time to discover ourselves. We are far too busy trying to make money so we can survive. In this life we live in we create false personas in order to survive and thrive.

So we learn to follow our minds instead of our hearts, our natural instincts are denied therefor suppressing our true selves. So the next time you are faced with a decision where you really want to do something in your heart, but your mind is saying, i can’t do it because of this, or that, in my life. Go with your heartfelt instincts. This is a great way to empower ourselves with a sense of freedom. If we practice making decisions from the heart we begin to understand our true selves and our true nature. The more we practice in breaking the chains of distraction, the more we can gravitate back to our true natures.

There are times in our lives..

when its ok to realize..

we may not be the persons we perceive ourselves to be..

Be carefull out there, its a mad mad world we livin in…

Bless ya souls… OSG 🙏🏿


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