OneSoulGuide [introduction]


Hi there….

I have been wanting to share my life experiences (54 years on this planet) in order to help guide people into understanding themselves and why life can seem so difficult. How to live it with a reasonable amount of internal comfortability. Today I was sat in Brighton talking with my daughter who suggested I start writing my concepts of lifes struggles and how we can learn to understand and accept them.

This is OneSoulGuide, I am going to be dedicating this blog to the wellbeing of Humankind, Mother Earth and all life forms contained therein. By sharing my life experiences (the good, the bad and the very ugly) I hope to reach out and help people through the emotional storms and stresses imposed upon us by our over complexed social systems, rules and regulations.

If you ever felt loneliness, fear or sadness. If you ever felt insecure or uncomfortable within your own skin; don’t worry you are not alone. This is a condition which most humans on the planet experience. We are super sensitive creatures living in a high speed,technically complex environment, bombarding our senses on a daily basis. Creating extreme emotional states and behaviors within us all. Basically we are upsetting ourselves by the way we are living our lives. We are unconsciously being inprinted with all our ancestral upset passing this down through our generations, imprinting all the new humans with our upset conditions. Until we find ourselves as a race of humans saturated in negative emotions and behaviors.  The Human mind is a powerful tool, we can convince ourselves everything is ok, but deep down in our souls where everything we see or feel in our life experience is stored, the place where the truth is locked away, we know there is something wrong, we can sense it.

There is a way back home, through all the distractions, all the madness and the emotional turmoil. To a place of freedom and serenity. A calm peaceful place of comfort and confidence within ourselves. Together we can tell our truths and re unite with the glorious essence of ourselves, enjoy our environment in a positive and healthy state of awareness. Sometimes all we need is a little guidance, a friendly word of wisdom, a shared experience to help us through.

“When everything spoken has been said…

When all things have been done…

Forgive yourselves and let it go….

Allow yourselves to flow…

Let it go, let it go, let it go….

We’re only human after all…

Let yoursleves grow…

Bless ya souls…

Only love…”


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