IMG_0005.JPGWhere do I begin, I want to explain what I call Soul Sickness. So readers may understand its meaning when mentioned in future blogs. This is only my personal opinion and belief. So lets break it down and begin with the Soul. Derived from the fact that i happen to possess the miraculous gift of being a member of the human family. I have spent most of my life trying to understand how incredibly sensitive we are and how to find a place of peace and serenity, somewhere quiet and calm inside ourselves where we can be free from the busy distractions of contemporary life and enjoy the tranquility of our own soulfulness. The human soul, the fusion of all our senses, experiences, our nature, our consciousness and awareness passed down through generations for thousands of years. The old soul of humankind and life itself. I can sit by the ocean and feel my soul, or walk free in a beautiful forest. I can walk in the mountains and feel my soul connecting with the great spirit of nature. Or watch another amazing form of life go about its daily behaviors. We can look into each other’s eyes and feel the force of the soul within.  These feelings are special, they are deeply peaceful and comforting. Soothing the soul, just being in perfect harmony with ourselves and our nature.

I believe that the state of our souls are of vital importance to our health,  physically, mentally and emotionally. The healthier we are spiritually the healthier we are altogether as human beings. When I say spiritually healthy I do not mean this is any religious way. I mean in the sense of when you may sense some one in high spirits.

So Soul Sickness is a condition of being upset. A condition of being in emotional and mental turmoil within oneself. This depressed state if endured over long sustained periods if time can and does kill people. All manor of physical, mental and emotional ailments can be  born from Soul Sickness. It can not be physically measured or seen through technology. It can be imprinted from one human to another consciously or unconsciously,  like a virus almost. It’s a state of being, a feeling, a condition of negative emotions with higher or lesser degrees of potency depending on our life journeys, experiences and environment which we live in.

The secret of contentment, is knowing how to enjoy what you be. And loose all desire for what you don’t be….boom….count ya blessings…..

Be careful out there, its a mad mad world we livin in…

Bless ya souls

Only love



2 thoughts on “WHAT IS SOUL SICKNESS”

  1. Interesting insights James are you saying that we need to focus on who we really are and let go of all unrealistic fantasies about who we would like to be……….? Xx😀🤗

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    1. Hi Jenny, thanks for reading and your feed back, the answer to your question is yes that is what I mean. It’s a simple case of counting our blessings.If we are in acceptance and harmony with what we be…. then to strive for something more or different would naturally create a uncomfortable state.
      Inner contentment does not nessasarily come from striving to better oneself by behaving with subconscious hidden agenda, such as reward and appraisal from other humans,to temporarily fix our feelings, this creates fleeting contentment that comes and goes. If we strive to understand and accept the miracles of what we already are, the super sensitive beings that are learning how to survive in extreme environments we can forgive ourselves for the mistakes we have made and forgive those made against us. Learn to accept the good, the bad and the ugly experiences that life can be, we have to let it go, then let it go again until the contentment is no longer fleeting but a settled in, comfortable state of well being. The contentment from this process is not fleeting, the more we practice the deeper it soaks in, the more naturally we acclimatize to the feeling of well being.


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