IMG_0095Human COMMPASSION, this is one of my favorite Human traits. I could write about this wonderfull Human quality for ever, so i am going to try and condense this subject down a little to its essential ingredients, meanings and qualities.

True and pure COMPASSION is one of our greatest gifts if we use it correctly. This emotional wonder tool can be called upon to heal most of, if not all our emotional turmoil and discomfort. Born from our love, deep in our heart space there is an infinite pool of COMPASSION, it has no hidden agenda, holds no prejudice, does not care for the color of our skin nor how one behaves, does not recognize boundaries, borders or geographical locations, no rules, regulations or limitations, neither does it recognize Human status, for true COMPASSION has none of the above. The great wonder of COMPASSION is that it is ours. It begins with our learning to have compassion for ourselves, once we have compassion within it requires no energy to express or feel and gives powerful selfless emotional healing in return, empowering our own personal well being. Then in turn benefitting others and our environments. It is our infinite resource of COMPASSION that fuel our understanding, acceptance and forgiveness.

In order for true COMPASSION to be attained and applied in its correct manor we can not be choosy with whom or what we wish to feel compassion for, we must have COMPASSION for everyone our environment and all things there in, only then do we feel it’s true healing benefits which in turn deepens our own resource of COMPASSION. So the cycle goes on, the more COMPASSIONATE we are the more emotionally healthy we become. COMPASSION Is a pure and simple state of selfless healing.

A great way to begin practicing COMPASSION is to start trying to consider and understand the feelings and wellbeing of others. But remember the golden rule, we must try practicing this with all things, from our loved ones to our enemies.

I hope this has given some insight or guidance into the ownership and application of this wonderful Human emotional quality.

A true COMPASSIONATE attitude towards others does not change, even if they are behaving negatively. DL.

Be carefull out there it’s a mad mad world we livin in….

Bless ya souls…

Only Love…


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