IMG_0254This is a picture of my BLOOD FATHER, this was taken in 1959. My father was 21 years old. I want to share my experiences and concepts of how I learned to understand the importance of what it is to be a parent. I believe this roll to be the most important responsibility for humans.

Unfortunately my BLOOD FATHER died roughly four months after my BLOOD SISTER Jane. He past away three weeks ago, Jane’s death inspired me to start writing, so i would like to dedicate this blog to my BLOOD FATHER and to all Fathers, Son’s and Daughters. May we all learn to understand each other and walk with peace in our hearts. When my dad passed away so soon after my sister i can’t deny it was a heavy blow to my system, my heart was so heavy, the sheer emotional weight forced me to cry. Running all the memories, the sadness and the laughter we shared, like a movie in my mind. All the if’s, why’s, what for’s and maybe’s came rushing in. ย Then i went into shock state for a few days. I could not really concentrate on anything and kept drifting in and out of my reality. Like a dream state only fully awake. After all the hard work i put into processing my grief for my sister Jane. Just when i had reached what I considered to be ย a healthy emotional state of my process, i found myself back in the deep waters trying to keep my head above water in the great Sea of grief.

My BLOOD FATHER was addicted to gambling, because of this devastatingly lethal addiction his behavior de stabilized my whole family. So we must remember as parents, any negative behaviors, emotions or mentalities can and will have devastating effects on our immediate families. Also these negative patterns can be imprinted into our children which are then passed down through the generations, in this we can believe, therein lie’s our ancestral Soul Sickness.


Dear Father, James Hulme 5th, I forgive you for all things. As i forgive all our for Farthers. I understand you, with your emotions, mentalities and your behaviors, i accept this fully in my heart space. The foundation of our relationship is born from Love so it runs deep and strong. Bless you for bringing me into existence in this wonderful human form. May you forgive me, for your failures as a Farther, were my failures as a Son. Now you are free from our ancestral chain. I will work hard and practice keeping myself healthy in Soul Mind and Body, so that i may be the last link in our ancestral chain of Soul Sickness.

Bless Ya Soul’s



3 thoughts on “BLOOD FATHER”

  1. Really good James I’m with you brother on how soul sickness gets passed down the generations I forgive are father too…..his must have been intensely hurt to be the man he was…..he couldn’t back down because he was never shown how to take responsibility for himself in a loving forgiving way…..if as parents we could just pass on that one quality to our children that it’s OK to make mistakes nobodies perfect and that’s how we learn to be better people….what a would make. X

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