IMG_0175Once we have learned to understand the ownership and practice of ones own truth, we naturally lean towards being aware of our own personal emotional states. We start to receive its wonderful benefits. Primarily we learn to understand our true selves and natures because we are no longer practicing in our false persona’s which we have created in order to be loved and accepted by our piers and families in our every day lives. Speaking and behaving in our TRUTH can also lay foundations for others to do the same. Being forthcoming with your TRUTH and behavior in our contemporary life styles can and is considered a weakness. In fact its the total opposite, it is a great strength to speak your TRUTH, to expose your emotions takes great courage. Hiding your true feelings may be considered a weakness or inability to express oneself.

There can be so many reasons which prevent us from telling the TRUTH, such as covering your back or someone else’s, or not telling the TRUTH because we fear it may upset someone or their feelings, giving rise to a negative or aggressive response. In my experience I have found that most of these fears have no substance. If we tell our TRUTH with compassion and care then i have found quite the opposite reactions to what are expected. The TRUTH is received with warm hearts and a sense of relief, for the burden of ones own deceit and the deception of others has been removed.

So fundamentally we are the TRUTH of ourselves and our behaviors. The more we practice being aware of our personal wellbeing and emotions, the greater we become at accepting and understanding our true natures, leading to acceptance of our true selves, instilling inner comfort and confidence of our personalities. Projecting positive energy, in turn can attract and help others find there place of comfort within themselves, this can only be considered healthy interaction.

In order for us to share our TRUTH with others…..

First we must discover the TRUTH within ourselves….

Be carefull out there, its a mad mad world we livin in

Bless ya souls


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