ADDICTION is one of the most lethal, diverse and complex states a human can experience. ADDICTION is so difficult to understand from both the addicted and the non addicted view point. People can spend their whole lives in ADDICTION and not understand why they are in this state, how they got into it and more importantly, how to get out of it. So for someone to have a reasonably accurate understanding of ADDICTION, they must have been exposed to the state, whilst attempting to understand it and learn about it. ADDICTION can break down any human being from any walk of life. Status is not recognized by ADDICTION. It is a complex mental, physical and emotional sickness that can lay waste to anyone from Kings or Queens to the homeless male or female sleeping under a bridge in a cardboard box. There are no known cures for ADDICTION that we can get out of a packet or bottle from our doctors. There is only one place we can find the cures for our many ADDICTIVE states. That place is within ourselves. Against all the odds an ADDICT must find the courage to accept they need help and guidance from people who have compassion and experience with this complicated sickness. [SOUL SICKNESS]. In order for any ADDICT to be cured from whatever their ADDICTION may be, they have to endure the sometimes painful process of learning to understand their true emotional states and natures. Self enquiring, looking at oneself, the good and the bad in the true light of day, There are great teachers who have the ability to guide us into a greater understanding of our true selves our emotions and how to take care, self heal and maintain our personal wellbeing. Unfortunately this kind of education is not considered of any importance in most of our schools and cultures world wide. Our education is based on gaining personal wealth, stature and materialism. So for those of us that have the good fortune to find and receive emotional based intelligence there may have been a certain amount of struggle and hardship involved along the way. Many of the great teachers have learnt the hard way, as do we all if we wish to face our fears and look upon ourselves with true eyes.
So i believe its time for some truth, from a place of understanding, experience, compassion and none judgement. We shall work through all the guesswork and misunderstandings, along with the grey areas inbetween that have been cast into our mentalities. We shall attempt to drag all the taboos and negative concepts kicking and screaming into the millennium. So we may have more clarification and better understandings of this emotional, mental and physical ailment from which so many of us suffer.

Firstly i believe ADDICTION to be a direct behavioral  manifestation of SOUL SICKNESS, weather it be in physical, mental or emotional form. I believe there are three main categories of ADDICTION which Humans suffer from.

SUBTANCE ADDICTION. Some substances can be mentally ADDICTIVE while others can be mental and physically ADDICTIVE. Which means our bodies can go through painful and sometimes lethal withdrawal symptoms. This is a form of ingesting a substance or substances by smoking, eating, drinking, sniffing along with many other ingenious ways we have discovered of getting substances into our systems. The critical objective behind this behavior is to alter ones state.

MENTAL ADDICTION. This is a form of ADDICTION to altering ones state using our minds. We can dwell on negative emotions and create a depressed state, we can also dwell on positive thoughts to give ourselves a lift in spirits. The mind is a vast space in which we can easily become lost in our own fantasy worlds. The critical objective behind this behavior is to alter ones state.

BEHAVIORAL ADDICTION. This is a form of being ADDICTED to certain behaviors which create extreme states of elation or deflation. Often they will be in combinations of each other. Creating extreme mood swings of high’s and low’s. Humans will put themselves through extremely dangerous situations in order to receive the rush of adrenaline supplied by the body,  and the recognition and adoration that comes from achieving the impossible goal. The critical objective behind this behavior is to alter ones state.

So from these three categories people can be ADDICTED to any one, or combinations of all three depending on the severity of their condition. Some ADDICTIVE behaviors are sociably acceptable, others are not. I would like to address  two issues on ADDICTION which have evolved into our mentalities through our misunderstandings and ignorance of this ailment. Firstly, the mentality that once we are an ADDICT we are always going to be an ADDICT.  I believe this to be a negative mentality which is derogatory and detrimental to the recovery from ADDICTION. We can recover fully from ADDICTION. Secondly there are some opinions or points of view that some people have more ADDICTIVE personalities than others. I believe all humans have the same potential for ADDICTIVE behaviors, however depending on our life stories and environments which we live in, we will have higher or lesser degrees of SOUL SICKNESS. So someone who suffers a higher degree of SOUL SICKNESS will gravitate towards ADDICTIVELY altering their state more than someone with a lesser degree of SOUL SICKNESS. What we can believe in is all ADDICTIVE behaviors both positive and negative have one common denominator, which is to alter our states, searching for high’s, hunting for low’s. looking for anything out there that will make us feel good inside. So essentially ADDICTION is all about our feelings. We live such complex and stressful lives, we feel the need to be free from this state of anxiety, we all devise our own little ways of release. From eating something sweet, going to the pub, watching tv, internet, taking drugs from dealers and doctors, the list is endless and we are coming up with fast and furious ways of altering our states all the time. The question for me is why do all these people feel the need or desire to alter their states so often and in such extreme ways?. From a compassionate point of view it may be said that all Humans suffering from all kinds of ADDICTION are self medicating, trying to rid themselves of their uncomfortable feelings. By using negative and derogatory behaviors towards themselves and their environments. If we look at the bigger picture, it could be said that the whole Human race is in ADDICTION. We are ADDICTED to plundering and ravaging all of our Planets natural resources to such a degree we are putting our Planets life in danger of being able to support and sustain the future existence of Humankind itself. This is truly a form of insanity. We keep practicing our same old negative behavioral patterns expecting the outcome to change. Our contemporary mental conditioning tells us that a healthy successful person is someone with a good job and home, with a certain amount of material possession which in turn relates to their economical status, plus no physical ailments. If we fit this criteria then we will be happy and comfortable. This is the great illusion that succeeds in distracting humans from their true selves. The emotional deceptions we have created which free us from feelings of fear and uncertainty,  born from our consciousness of life itself. We are all faced with this monumental dilemma.

Be carefull out there fellow beings…

It’s a mad mad world we livin in….

Bless ya souls…


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