IMG_0404Hi there, this is my second blog on ADDICTION. So we left off from what is ADDICTION part 1 with the great dilemma of finding a reasonably comfortable pathway through our contemporary high pace, time is money life styles. Our modern social systems which are orientated around economics, consumption, and growth have been failing for a long time. The systems which we live in today are born from selfish mentalities which were only able to perceive systems that they would personally benefit from instantly and in great abundance. Because of their mentality they were unable to conceive a system of life from a compassionate point of view, systems born from a compassionate point of view would be taking into consideration the well being of our fellow Humans, other life forms and our environment, this mentality would be Considering the present and future care of Mother Earth and all that dwell upon her. Unfortunately we live in a world or system that has been designed by the selfish mentality. Living our lives in these kind of environments is in itself unhealthy, in many different ways.

All life forms are born free on Mother Earth. Then Humans appeared with their consciousness which led us to believe we were the supreme life force on Mother Earth. That we were the highest life form and we could do as we pleased with anything we want. This egotistical mentality has taken us down the road to demise. To put it mildly we have run amok on this Earth, we have imposed our greed and desire for wealth and power like no other life form. These behaviors and lifestyles are creating mental and emotional discomfort within ourselves, so over long periods of time enduring these stress levels which can be subliminal or undetected sources of emotional or mental distress,  we start to manifest physical ailments of all kinds from colds to cancers. So not only do we have these mental, physical and emotional stresses to cope with which we mostly hide or say we are ok with, we have underlying stress in our bodies from the fuel we use as food. We have genetically modified most if not all of our food to such a degree the original ancestors of the plant foods we eat today are unrecognizable to most Humans. So we are distressing our bodies internally by eating all these modern forms of food, our bodies are designed for consuming the original undomesticated forms of food. When we eat all the modern genetically modified foods our bodies are not getting the correct fuel so our digestive systems are in a state of distress searching our food for the correct nutrients to fuel our bodies. If that is not enough stress the list goes on, we put so many chemicals, pesticides and preservatives in our food all of which our bodies have to deal with. We have toxic waste in our drinking water called fluorine and chlorine, we bleach and color our food so it looks more attractive to the consumer. Our doctors and hospitals feed us with literally tones of chemical compounds from the giant pharmaceutical companies. So with all this distress which we have slowly evolved into and acclimatized  to over millennia, which we don’t even consider because it is hidden inside ourselves, we begin to sufffer from what I call Soul Sickness. Which i believe is a condition of emotional, mental and physical discomfort. This state is what i believe to be the food for ADDICTION. When we are uncomfortable in our natural state humans will gravitate towards finding a way to alter the way they are feeling. There are many ways for humans to change the way they feel. Once we start to use devised methods to alter our states or feelings we are well on the road to ADDICTION. We start off changing our states irregularly, this behavior can progress to full ADDICTION, which is when a person is more comfortable in their altered state than in their natural state. This becomes an impossible place to be for any Human. An ADDICT lives in a state of total contradiction of him or herself. Trying to achieve the impossible. Trying to escape from ones self. This gives way to states of continuous anxiety and fear. To achieve this state of delusional escapism from one self on a full time basis we have to alter our states continuously, every time our comfortable altered state wears off we feel the need to repeat what ever it is that we are doing to alter our state. This behavior Is the behavior of an ADDICT.

If we take time out to investigate and understand how we live our lives, we can begin to awaken, with new mentalities we can understand how to change the things we do which cause discomfort. We can learn how to feel better inside, comfortable in our own skins, free from the desire to alter our states on a regular basis.

Be carefull out there… its a mad mad world we livin in…

Bless ya souls…..


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