IMG_0139We have walked this earth for millions of years side by side, hand in hand with our curious feelings of fear and loneliness. These ancient emotions could of originated from when we became conscious beings. So what is the cause of these feelings of loneliness and how do we learn to process these emotions in order to free ourselves from this form of soul sickness. (Emotional discomfort). I would like to share my personal journey with loneliness, my understanding of this affliction and how I processed my loneliness allowing me to let go of this uncomfortable state.
I used to be so comfortable with my uncomfortable feelings of loneliness. I had acclimatised to this discomfort for so long I considered it to be an old friend. If I was feeling down I would often allow my old feelings of loneliness to come flooding in, which would amplify my sadness. I did not know where these feelings of loneliness came from or why I used them like a tool to intensify my emotional states. I was just aware of these feelings and that I had a strange emotionally abusive relationship with them.
After 40 years of my crazy relationship with loneliness amongst all the standard states of discomfort we humans experience in our modern high paced distracting lifestyles. I was blessed with the great fortune of meeting a human being who understood about this form of soul sickness he was a great teacher of human emotions and processes and gracious enough to share his wisdom with me. His wisdom changed my life so I want to pass it on in the hope that it can help others.
I always thought loneliness was caused by external influences, I now believe through practising self enquiry methods that loneliness is a personal internally owned emotion. We are our own loneliness, loneliness is born inside from not understanding ourselves as human beings. Not being able to perceive our true essence or our responsibilities to ourselves and our earth.”I was in a crowd of people at a party, yet I felt alone”. These famous words lean towards the theory of loneliness being a personal internal issue.
The more I learned to understand my true self, identify my emotional states and conditions, the more natural it became to cultivate a mentality of self care and personal development. The more I practiced the better and more efficient I became at managing and maintaining stable, positive states. These practices gave way for my true self to shine through, the self I lost along the way. This is when my loneliness began to leave me. The more I got to know and understand my true self the more the feelings of loneliness receded into oblivion. These feelings have now become strangers to me. I only have fleeting memories of how those feelings of loneliness could alter my state emotionally and trap me in a negative mindset.

If we can learn to pay more attention to our emotional conditions, our fears and loneliness may leave..

Be carefull out there, it’s a mad mad world we live in..
Bless ya souls

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