Just a man who has spent 54 years asking why and what for… and why do I feel like this? Born in the 60’s in Manchester. Have lived my life on this beautiful Earth experiencing much of its glory, I have also witnessed and experienced great tragedy and loss whilst meeting  many wonderful human beings along the way. I developed a deep compassion for humanity, Mother Earth and everything that crawls, walks, hops, jumps, runs, swims and flys in th air, on the land and in the sea.

I believe throughout my life journey I may have acquired the odd pearl of wisdom here and there, had a great tendancy for choosing the wrong paths in life, or so I was lead to believe. There are no wrong or right paths, only your path and my path. So through stumbling around in the dark for quite some time and gradually finding the light at the end of the tunnel I feel I may have gathered some important experiences in life which I would love to share in the hope somebody somewhere may read it and relate, or find comfort in relating to any similar experiences.



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  1. Hi – lovely words and make so much sense …….I like to think at one time in my life , many yrs ago and for a short time , I felt spiritual and quite content with my ‘lot’ …….it didn’t last ………circumstances and situations took over ……and won ! How do I get that spirituality and contentment back ?????

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    1. Hi Val Parker, wow this is a great question. I will try my best to answer you with truth in my heart and compassion for your experiences. I believe we begin our lives being impressed by what we see smell, hear and feel in our worlds. I believe we may slowly develope a false persona, or character, of a person who we believe will be most liked and appreciated by other human beings. This creates a state of comfort and confidence within ourselves, but it is created from external influences such as other peoples approvals and appraisal. These states of comfort and well being can feel real and true but they will not last, they are like temporary solutions that can slowly degrade and fade away because of the external source we got them from. It’s almost like we have subconsciously created our own temporary personal illusion of comfort, but at the same time we are creating a long term state of internal detachments from our true natural state. However if we focus our attentions on the inner self. The true self that we have covered up with all the madness and distractions we live in, I believe we have to break down the barriers we have built up over time, which we use to safe guard our emotions and our secrets.
      Think of something that you may do in your daily life that makes you feel good inside and connects yourself to your true feelings. Do what ever it is, what ever it takes to practice positive empowering behaviors for yourself.You will feel better inside almost instantly, your soul will recognize you are taking care of your emotional wellfair, and then the process of re building a relationship with yourself may begin by respecting yourself, forgiving yourself and empowering yourself. Your great human soul is still in there my friend, if you take a little time and care to search inside you will rediscover the place of comfort you mentioned in your comment.
      Don’t set yourself unattainable goals, keep it simple and slowly we learn the art of being connected to our true selves. The more we practice this the better we become at it.
      I hope i have helped you with your question Val and thank you for your comment….


  2. I’ve just read your blog and it really got me thinking about my life and the path I have chosen. We all have to work to earn a living and to be able to provide for our families but sometimes the work life balance becomes a hidden memory and one that’s left at the back of your mind, especially when your knee deep in problem solving. How do I get that balance back and and find an equal ground where my mind can recover from the chaos of a busy work life and be able to heal and allow me to provide a relaxed and calming environment for my family again?

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    1. Wow that’s a biggy sis, thanks for comment and I will try my best to advise and guide you into finding a positive solution to your question. I want to get myself in the right state and space to resource all that I know and believe in to help solve your problem. Then if it works we can bottle it and sell it… only joking….🙏🏿


      1. Thank you for spending time on your response. I can see your heart and soul will be in the response you give me. I can’t wait to read it.

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    2. Morning Nina, firstly thank you for having the courage to look at your internal wellbeing and for asking the questions which concern both your own and your families emotional wellbeing. This in itself is a first step that can lead to the creation of a more comfortable environment for yourself and your family. I believe as we evolve and grow into our lives, into our mentalities and our characters all the information we take on board and absorb has a grooming or programming effect on what we think, what is good or what is not good, our beliefs and morals and our feelings. So with all this information we are misled into believing that in order to be a good human or a successful person we need to strive for higher and higher goals in life. To attain material wealth, power and status. This kind of striving is not healthy because in order for it to work and make you feel better it relies on the approval and appraisal of external influences such as human beings, material things or financial gain. So slowly we get lost on this crazy path searching for the promise of happiness and reward by means of achievement and personal gain, focusing so hard on this lifestyle that we begin to lose connection with our selves,our loved ones and our time. So then we have Soul Sickness, to a degree, that we are uncomfortable enough to want to do things to change our states and our lifestyles.We can distract ourselves from this discomfort in many ways. We are artistically motivated in such matters to say the least. However these feelings of discomfort will return when the distractions wear off. So in order for us to keep our comfotability we must unbury ourselves from our busy soul destroying, demanding lifestyles we live, we have to change them, we have to alter our mentalities a little and develope new priorities on how we value our health and well being over everything else. We have to literally carv out pieces of time from the lifestyles that we are so unhealthily attached to, so we create time for ourselves and family.
      To build new and healthy states and spaces where we can drift into our calm soulfulness and share how we truly feel. We need to find that balance where we can be in the stressful environments at work or in everyday life, but we need recovery time, to heal and reground ourselves, doing things that de stress, that make you feel confident and comfortable inside, walk in the woods or on a beach. Modern life in the fast lane takes it toll, imagine a car being driven constantly at high speed in the fast lane, its going to receive more wear and tear so the car will need to be serviced more frequently and taken more care of than say a car just cruising along at fifty in the slow lane. So the more complexed lives we live the more we need to take time out for our “MOT” recovery. Sitting down with your family and telling them how you feel and asking how they feel is a great way of creating a space where you can all tell your truth and maybe agree to making little changes to a few things, or put some plans into action. Although family gatherings for emotional truths can be tricky events to organize. The greatest advice i can give you is that you must prioritize your own wellbeing above all other things, so you are not taking care of yourself in a selfish way, you are taking care of yourself in a selfless way, so the benefits may be received by yourself, your family and loved ones, in that order. The healthier mummy is, the more healthy her family becomes. Just being aware of wanting to change things is the seed for growth. Don’t beat yourself up too much you have worked hard and give a lot of your energy to supporting yourself and family. I know in my heart that if you apply the skills you perform in your business world you will find a way to improve your situation. You learn things fast sister, if you learn a little life skill in personal development and well being maintenance i know in my heart you would be good at it. Slowly does it, little changes can make big differences. Just be confident in yourself that if you truly want to change things, you do have the ability. Hope this has helped and please don’t hesitate to communicate Only love…


      1. I feel overwhelmed by your response. Such words of wisdom and ones I will try to follow with all my heart and hopefully achieve the balance I’m so looking for.

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