I want to introduce you to my younger sister Jane, who recently lost her life at 53 years of age. She lost her ability to take care of herself due to the sheer emotional weight of her Soul Sickness. Her death has been the most powerful emotional journey i have experienced in my life. I believe the word we use for this state is GRIEF. The dreaded GRIEF, this is a powerful word that i also did not understand as a emotional process before i met Markus. This is the big one, the mother of all pain, loosing my sister Jane opened up the gates to a whole new universe of pain, so strong it stopped my breathing, it scared me so much that i could not stand the feelings, so i had to distract myself from this monster within. It was so powerful i could only break away from it for a few minutes without it coming flooding back over me, taking my breath away and all my strength. The feeelings we have to avoid at all cost because its just too painful.

So in my next blog i want to try and write down my grieving  process i went through loosing my sister, i feel she has inspired me to eventually start writing about things i have only spoke about in the past. The lethal condition of Soul Sickness and its crippling effects on humans and our environment. So we may understand how to accept that we can change and grow free from this ailment.

I chose some words to read out at my sisters funeral from a song, but mixed it up a little so they represented our journey more personally, i did not know the depth of my love for my sister until she died. We spoke of Soul Sickness many times while she was dying and i know she would be proud that i have eventually started to share my understanding and experiences of this soul destroying condition. Jane has inspired me to write these words here in honor of my love for her and the battle she fought for her life……Bless her soul…

Would you take a bullet, would you bite the gun. Ive fallen to my knees now the wars already won.

So please don’t take me for no fool, i spent a lifetime in your shoes, now I’m walking yes I’m walking, through the fire.

Gloves off we’re finished, you had the hand that feeds. We nursed your battle scars but you left our hearts to bleed.

So remember, we’ll remember, through the dark nights, we’ll burn bright, we’ll pull ourselves together, we’ll just keep holding on.

As i tried to take my place, I felt the fear in your face. You kept on playing same old games, I felt the pain that was your shame.

My heart remembers your golden embers, so please remember we’ll walk together. Through the dark nights we’ll blaze bright, with the fire in your hair and the oceans in your eyes, we can smile in our hearts, only love never dies…

Bless ya soul sister, now you are free……

Be careful out there, its a mad mad world we livin in….



Hi there, i would like to dedicate these words to Markus, a man who helped me save my soul. He is responsible for my understanding of myself  and the ability to express myself in this beneficial way. He  spent seven months of his life teaching me what i needed to know in order to attain a reasonable amount of contentment in my life. The process of attaining it and the wonderfull rewards of practicing it. Before i met this man I actually thought i knew quite a lot about most things, but gradually i became aware that I didn’t really know anything at all of any importance to my well being, with hindsight this discovery in itself was a great lesson in the process of ACCEPTANCE. My teacher who i am calling Markus for anonymity reasons introduced me to myself with great care and compassion. With his guidence and colossal patience he helped me to understand and go through the process of accepting my true self, the good the bad and the ugly.

This was for me a very difficult process to go through considering my nature at the time and the fact that I didn’t know what ACCEPTANCE actually meant as a emotional process. I just thought it was a word branded around by people struggling with some emotional experiences or something they did not understand. I remember my first lesson vividly and this is fifteen years ago, Markus said to me, tell me something that bothers you or makes you feel uncomfortable inside. Something that truly upsets you. This was the first time i had ever been asked a question like this so i was shocked into silence and Markus just sat there in his chair with his kind face that almost assured me that i could tell him anything and he would not judge me. So i think i was kind of hypnotized by a combination of the man and the question, after maybe 10 minutes of silence i said, my life. Markus replied what is it in your life that upsets you. I said I’m not sure, i just have a sadness inside me, sometimes i feel ok but there always seems to be this kind of dull aching in the background like a shadow that i cant get away from. After a while i grew accustomed to distracting myself from the dull aching and its effects on my behavior towards myself and others.  Markus smiled and said, what would you say if i said you have Soul Sicknes. You are emotionally poorly. With Acceptance, forgiveness and compassion we can heal the feelings inside, we can take away the loneliness the neediness, the tears and fears. The negative emotions we hold onto are issues we have not dealt with therefor we have not been able to accept them. Which leads to our internal discomfort. The magic of ACCEPTANCE  will allow us to let go of these negative emotions. I replied how will i know i have ACCEPTANCE, no smile this time, Markus sat there with a straight face for what seemed like all eternity, the silence was uncomfortable, you will know when you have acceptance because you will feel it my friend, you will definitely feel it…



Take good care of yourselves,

Bless ya souls




IMG_0037There are only three days in our lives. YESTERDAY, TODAY and TOMORROW. Two of these days we should practice not to worry about, two days we can try and keep ourselves free from apprehension and fear. One of these days is YESTERDAY, with its mistakes and regrets, its faults and blunders, with its aches and pains.

YESTERDAY has passed forever beyond our control. There is nothing that can bring back YESTERDAY. We can not undo a single act, we can not erase a single word spoken.YESTERDAY is gone…

The other day we should not concern ourselves with is TOMORROW, with its possible adversaries, its burdens, large promise and poor performance. TOMORROW is unborn which leaves this day also beyond our immediate control.

This leaves one remaining day, the most important day of our lives, TODAY. Any man or woman can fight the battles of just one day. It’s only when we add the burdens of those eternal enemies of YESTERDAY and TOMRROW, that we break down. It is not the experience of TODAY that drives humans mad, its the remorse or bitterness of something that happened YESTERDAY, or the anxiety and fear of what TOMORROW may bring.  May we be free from these days and allow ourselves To Be fully present in the glorious TODAYS of our lives. We are not here to dwell on what could of been or may be, we are here to walk free into the beautiful moments of our lives.

Be carefull out there, its a mad mad world we livin in…..

Bless ya souls…. and never forget….




IMG_0005.JPGWhere do I begin, I want to explain what I call Soul Sickness. So readers may understand its meaning when mentioned in future blogs. This is only my personal opinion and belief. So lets break it down and begin with the Soul. Derived from the fact that i happen to possess the miraculous gift of being a member of the human family. I have spent most of my life trying to understand how incredibly sensitive we are and how to find a place of peace and serenity, somewhere quiet and calm inside ourselves where we can be free from the busy distractions of contemporary life and enjoy the tranquility of our own soulfulness. The human soul, the fusion of all our senses, experiences, our nature, our consciousness and awareness passed down through generations for thousands of years. The old soul of humankind and life itself. I can sit by the ocean and feel my soul, or walk free in a beautiful forest. I can walk in the mountains and feel my soul connecting with the great spirit of nature. Or watch another amazing form of life go about its daily behaviors. We can look into each other’s eyes and feel the force of the soul within.  These feelings are special, they are deeply peaceful and comforting. Soothing the soul, just being in perfect harmony with ourselves and our nature.

I believe that the state of our souls are of vital importance to our health,  physically, mentally and emotionally. The healthier we are spiritually the healthier we are altogether as human beings. When I say spiritually healthy I do not mean this is any religious way. I mean in the sense of when you may sense some one in high spirits.

So Soul Sickness is a condition of being upset. A condition of being in emotional and mental turmoil within oneself. This depressed state if endured over long sustained periods if time can and does kill people. All manor of physical, mental and emotional ailments can be  born from Soul Sickness. It can not be physically measured or seen through technology. It can be imprinted from one human to another consciously or unconsciously,  like a virus almost. It’s a state of being, a feeling, a condition of negative emotions with higher or lesser degrees of potency depending on our life journeys, experiences and environment which we live in.

The secret of contentment, is knowing how to enjoy what you be. And loose all desire for what you don’t be….boom….count ya blessings…..

Be careful out there, its a mad mad world we livin in…

Bless ya souls

Only love



OneSoulGuide [introduction]


Hi there….

I have been wanting to share my life experiences (54 years on this planet) in order to help guide people into understanding themselves and why life can seem so difficult. How to live it with a reasonable amount of internal comfortability. Today I was sat in Brighton talking with my daughter who suggested I start writing my concepts of lifes struggles and how we can learn to understand and accept them.

This is OneSoulGuide, I am going to be dedicating this blog to the wellbeing of Humankind, Mother Earth and all life forms contained therein. By sharing my life experiences (the good, the bad and the very ugly) I hope to reach out and help people through the emotional storms and stresses imposed upon us by our over complexed social systems, rules and regulations.

If you ever felt loneliness, fear or sadness. If you ever felt insecure or uncomfortable within your own skin; don’t worry you are not alone. This is a condition which most humans on the planet experience. We are super sensitive creatures living in a high speed,technically complex environment, bombarding our senses on a daily basis. Creating extreme emotional states and behaviors within us all. Basically we are upsetting ourselves by the way we are living our lives. We are unconsciously being inprinted with all our ancestral upset passing this down through our generations, imprinting all the new humans with our upset conditions. Until we find ourselves as a race of humans saturated in negative emotions and behaviors.  The Human mind is a powerful tool, we can convince ourselves everything is ok, but deep down in our souls where everything we see or feel in our life experience is stored, the place where the truth is locked away, we know there is something wrong, we can sense it.

There is a way back home, through all the distractions, all the madness and the emotional turmoil. To a place of freedom and serenity. A calm peaceful place of comfort and confidence within ourselves. Together we can tell our truths and re unite with the glorious essence of ourselves, enjoy our environment in a positive and healthy state of awareness. Sometimes all we need is a little guidance, a friendly word of wisdom, a shared experience to help us through.

“When everything spoken has been said…

When all things have been done…

Forgive yourselves and let it go….

Allow yourselves to flow…

Let it go, let it go, let it go….

We’re only human after all…

Let yoursleves grow…

Bless ya souls…

Only love…”


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