The TRUTH is a wonderful word that has been corrupted and rearranged on so many levels we no longer understand the essence of the beautiful TRUTH. In our own personal life journeys our minds will often adjust the TRUTH so that we may feel more comfortable within. As a young child I wanted to believe in anything, something i could have faith in that would never let me down, a security and comfort I could keep with me on my journey. I did not believe in most of the things I was being taught at school. And Religions, temples and churches frightened me. So my years at school were an uncomfortable experience for many reasons. I felt like I was being controlled in a strange way that I did not understand. I would go into nature, which for me at that time in my life would be to go down into a small valley that took me to the Manchester Ship Canal. Here I would feel a freedom from the anxiety of the deceptions i did not understand. Being in the field with the birds, and the trees on the opposite bank, the dark red water would gently lap onto the diesel stained rocks on the bank. I would throw something that would float into the Canal and then gather myself a nice pile of rocks to throw at the target, sometimes I would spend hours doing this until it made my arm hurt. The highlight of the day would be when a great container ship would go buy and the waves off the bow would come crashing onto the bank. I would wave at the men on the ship and they would wave back, i remember wondering what part of the world they were from.

I did not know what the Truth was, what it meant or if it even existed. But with the wonderful gift of hindsight I can remember that this was part of my TRUTH, I was just to young to be aware. All I knew was that I felt better inside when I  was here. So Through many decades of searching, listening, watching and learning I have come to the conclusion that there is only one TRUTH that is of any importance to human beings.

I believe this to be our own TRUTH, your truth, the truth of ones self. I believe our TRUTH is how we feel in any given moment, we can’t make up our TRUTH or even design our TRUTHS. I believe TRUTH is how we perceive our environment with our senses, which create emotional feelings within any given moment. So our TRUTHS are for ever changing and evolving perceptions of ourselves, our environments and how we interact with them emotionally, mentally and physically. The TRUTH is free forming and free flowing. I remember one of my Teachers asking me to tell him the TRUTH, I said what do you mean. He said, any TRUTH that you know of or believe in. My reply was, I don’t believe in anything so I don’t know about any TRUTH.

How do you feel right now after our conversation about the TRUTH he said, in a playful manor, I sighed,  I feel confused and uncomfortable, So there we have it my friend he said merrily, you just told me the TRUTH. What TRUTH I asked, your TRUTH my friend. You told me your true feelings in that moment. This is expressing your TRUTH.

To be continued in my next post….

Be carefull out there, its a mad mad world we livin in..

Bless ya souls


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