Hi there, i would like to dedicate these words to Markus, a man who helped me save my soul. He is responsible for my understanding of myself  and the ability to express myself in this beneficial way. He  spent seven months of his life teaching me what i needed to know in order to attain a reasonable amount of contentment in my life. The process of attaining it and the wonderfull rewards of practicing it. Before i met this man I actually thought i knew quite a lot about most things, but gradually i became aware that I didn’t really know anything at all of any importance to my well being, with hindsight this discovery in itself was a great lesson in the process of ACCEPTANCE. My teacher who i am calling Markus for anonymity reasons introduced me to myself with great care and compassion. With his guidence and colossal patience he helped me to understand and go through the process of accepting my true self, the good the bad and the ugly.

This was for me a very difficult process to go through considering my nature at the time and the fact that I didn’t know what ACCEPTANCE actually meant as a emotional process. I just thought it was a word branded around by people struggling with some emotional experiences or something they did not understand. I remember my first lesson vividly and this is fifteen years ago, Markus said to me, tell me something that bothers you or makes you feel uncomfortable inside. Something that truly upsets you. This was the first time i had ever been asked a question like this so i was shocked into silence and Markus just sat there in his chair with his kind face that almost assured me that i could tell him anything and he would not judge me. So i think i was kind of hypnotized by a combination of the man and the question, after maybe 10 minutes of silence i said, my life. Markus replied what is it in your life that upsets you. I said I’m not sure, i just have a sadness inside me, sometimes i feel ok but there always seems to be this kind of dull aching in the background like a shadow that i cant get away from. After a while i grew accustomed to distracting myself from the dull aching and its effects on my behavior towards myself and others.  Markus smiled and said, what would you say if i said you have Soul Sicknes. You are emotionally poorly. With Acceptance, forgiveness and compassion we can heal the feelings inside, we can take away the loneliness the neediness, the tears and fears. The negative emotions we hold onto are issues we have not dealt with therefor we have not been able to accept them. Which leads to our internal discomfort. The magic of ACCEPTANCE  will allow us to let go of these negative emotions. I replied how will i know i have ACCEPTANCE, no smile this time, Markus sat there with a straight face for what seemed like all eternity, the silence was uncomfortable, you will know when you have acceptance because you will feel it my friend, you will definitely feel it…



Take good care of yourselves,

Bless ya souls



2 thoughts on “ACCEPTANCE”

  1. Dear OneSoulGuide
    Thanks for sharing your recovery journey and to help me reach a greater understanding about this great gift of acceptance, which currently I am working on due to a difficult situation which is beyond my control. I am interested in the process of LETTING GO!, which at times is a struggle for me as I have fought through alot of my life’s journey due to my complex story, what I have witnessed, experienced and been taught by my social conditioning and passed down to me. I am in a transition in my life to want to CHANGE these ancestral patterns to be FREE and better equipped to deal with stress and whatever trails and tribulations that meander into the river of LIFE, learn to accept and move on .
    I Accept I cannot change others and only myself and my actions and not only words are to be the message and to strive on with AWARENESS, DETACHMENT, SIMPLICITY and ONLY LOVE .
    My inner voice speaks not in words but in the wordless language of Heart, its like a oracle who only speaks the Truth but at times the mind takes over like a disease and disconnects me from my soul and my true nature.
    Happiness is my goal in life and to be able to live in the moment, like my beloved Dog , which brings me great teaching in compassion.

    Gratitude Brother
    A work in progress, hopefully one day I may become a work of Art a masterpiece, which keeps moving forward

    Love, Light and Happiness
    Om Namah Shivah

    Caza Vegos X

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    1. Dear sister Caza Vegos, thank you for your comment. Thank you for your truth, this is a healing process in its own rights. You mention letting go in your comment, this is a good sign that you posess the emotional intelligence to be using self enquiry in order to attain a more comfortable relationship with yourself. So Letting go is one of the most important emotional tools we need to practice in order to maintain our emotional, mental and physical well being. It is a process alien to most humans because of our mental conditioning we tend to hold on to things which is the complete opposite to what we should be doing. So we have to adjust our mentalities a little so we can begin practicing letting go of anything that causes us any form of discomfort. I remember asking my friend and teacher Markus, ‘if there is something that is upsetting us how will we know if we have truly let it go?” his reply was “when something has upset you in your life, accepting that there is nothing we can do to change this. All we can do is change how we feel about it by practicing compassion for others, even when they behave negatively. For we have all behaved negatively in our lives. With your Acceptance and Compassion you will begin to understand that you may feel sadness or loneliness, fear, anxiety, these are emotions we must allow to flow through us, so we feel the emotions even when they are painful, then let them go. Sometimes our minds can convince us we have let something go, however when we have processed something healthily we feel it, this is how we know it is authentic. This is the process of letting go, the more we practice this compassionate mentality, the greater we become at acceptance and understanding. Which are fundamental to practicing the art of letting things go.

      When all words have been said…
      When all tings have been done…
      Forgive yourselves and let it go…
      Allow yourselves to flow….
      Let it go, let it go, let it go…
      Allow yourselves to grow…
      Let it go, let it go, let it go…

      Hope these words have helped you sister…
      Bless ya soul


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